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About Black Goji Berry and OPC

Proanthocyanidins, referred to as OPC, is a kind of bioflavonoid with special molecular structure. It is the most effective natural antioxidant to eliminate free radicals in human body. It has very strong in vivo activity. Experiments show that, the oxidation resistance and free radical scavenging of OPC is 50 times the capacity of vitamin E, 20 times the capacity of vitamin C, and can be absorbed rapidly and completely, it only takes 20 minutes to reach the maximum blood concentration orally, metabolic half-decay period reaches 7 hours. OPC can restore collagen activity, so that the skin becomes smooth and flexible, and thus it is also known as "oral skin cosmetics."

Proanthocyanidins are widely distributed in black wolfberry, grape seed, gingko leaf, cypress, pine bark, black seed coat, roses and other plants, but black goji berry is so far found the natural wild fruit with highest content of proanthocyanidins, the procyanidins content reaches 3690mg / 100g, it supasses blueberries which is 3380mg / 100g, it’s also rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrient content. Dried black goji berry can be made into tea, the taste is of which is very refreshing, not greasy, suitable for people who are keeping tea health preserving.

Medical and health benefits of Black goji berry:
  •  Helping to prevent a variety of free radical-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, premature aging and arthritis
  •  By preventing stress reaction and smoking-induced platelet aggregation to reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke
  •  Enhance the immune system to protect against carcinogens
  •  Reduce the frequency of colds and shortening duration
  •  Have antimutagenic function so as to reduce the formation of carcinogenic factors
  •  Has anti-inflammatory effects, which can prevent inflammation, including arthritis and swelling
  •  Relief of Hayfever and other allergies
  •  Enhance the elasticity of arteries, veins and capillaries

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Sourced from Qinghai, 100% natural wild.

Black fruit wolfberry grows on saline soil wasteland where human beings can not survive , it is the unique desert medicinal plant species in western China. High altitude, climate is arid, pollution-free. Its high temperature salinity, and unique Yadan landform is especially world-famous, which creats black wolfberry - a rare and precious natural wild invigorant.

Hand picking, natural drying, choose the ten to one

Same orgin, different quality. In order to keep the nutrition of black wolfberry better, and maintain its taste and value, all our black wolfberries are hand picked, and then manually chosen, only one can be picked out from ten, this procedure ensures that every piece of our black wolfberry is fine good. We always choose the best for you!

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