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What's the difference of black goji berry and red goji berry?

1. Different colors

This is very obvious, with the naked eye can distinguish.

2. Different nutrition

Red goji berry is rich in carotene, vitamins A1, B1, B2, c, calcium, iron and other ingredients.

Black goji berry contains vitamins, fats, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, lead, nickel, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, potassium, sodium.

Black goji berry is also rich in Procyanidins(OPC),that the red goji berry is without. OPC is the most effective natural water-soluble free radicals scavengers, its effect is 20 times the VC, VE 50 times. The content of protein, amino acids, minerals and trace elements of black goji berry is more than red goji berry.

3. Different effect

Black goji berry can nourish liver and kidney, replenishing vital essence to improve eyesight, suitable for lumbar debility, dizziness, the symptom such as eyes are dim, attending heart heat disease, heart disease, menoxenia, menopause, etc. The effect of red goji berry, which the black goji berry also have, even better than the red goji berry.

Modern scientific research has confirmed aforementioned, and consider black goji berry can lower cholesterol, excited brain, enhance immune function, prevention and cure of cancer, anti-aging and beauty. Black goji berry extract can promote immune function, enhanced lymphocyte proliferation and formation of tumor necrosis factor, leukocyte interleukin ⅱ bidirectional mediation role and can alleviate diabetic patients drink more, food more and symptoms of weight loss.

4. Different edible methods

Red goji berry can cook soup, make tea, dried chewing. Because black goji berry is rich in procyanidins, so it optimum for make tea(the best water tempearture is 40~60℃). 3-5g everyday, be sure to remenber not to cook soup. Because of high temperature damage procyanidins, also lost a lot of effect.

Hypertensive patients can eat black goji berry?

Yes. Black goji berry has antihypertensive effect, therefore, the crowd of high blood pressure can be at ease use.

In the period of medicine, can eat black goji berry?

Black goji berry medicinal is mild, sweet in taste, the chance of side effects when taken with other drugs is small, it is best not to drink with tea.

Pregnant women can eat black goji berry? If can, how to eat the effect is good?

Pregnant women during pregnancy can eat black goji berry. Black goji berry medicinal and health value is higher than the red goji berry, it can be used to soak water, or stir with the soybean milk, it can also be eaten direct, just be careful not to eat too much at a time.

The diabetics can eat black goji berry?

Black goji berry is harmless for diabetics. According to TCM theory, diabetes is caused by human wood system lesions, because wood disease can not control the soil, and then the soil is run off to water. Black goji berry is with tonifying liver and and kidney function, so diabetics are fine to eat black goji berry.

Why black goji berry will change color in soak water?

Bacause the anthocyanins of black goji berry dissolve in the water. The anthocyanins will change different colors as the different acid or alkali environment. In acidic water is purple series(purple, fuchsia, rusty red color, etc.), in alkaline water is blue series(blue, turquoise, blue lake, etc.). So the black goji berry will show different colors in different water. In general with mineral water is purple, with home uninvited blisters are blue.

How many black goji berry soak water at a time is right?

Adult for 5-10g everday is the best. There is no strict rules for every time, you can put all one-time, and then repeated brewing, until finally the water with no color, also you can put a little at a time, separate brew several times.

About the size of black goji berry?

Some consumer is often be deceived by the appearance when they buying the black goji berry, they think, big is wild, actually it is not ture. This is decide by the growth environment of black goji berry. The environment conditions of wild black goji berry grows extremely hard, generally the size is relatively small, which does have a few big fruit, but be selective. So, we must change the thought of the big black goji berry is highst grade, the black goji berry of some unscrupulous traders is though large, but is likely artificial breeding.